Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Featured Artisan - One Girl Circus

In this day and age, where so many people are unconcerned with leaving a legacy, Karen at One Girl Circus, has created an item which will be a delight to pass on for generations to come.

Her Felted Wool Jacket with Lace Cut-Outs will be an heirloom which is a blessing to any little girl. The detail she has put into the lace cut outs is attractive - I can picture her intense concentration as she traced out and trimmed each and every detail.

This Felted Wool Jacket would add a touch of sweetness to any spring dress...picture your little girl dancing around daffodils or attending a special occasion in this jacket. With it being wool, she will feel warm and cozy since wool helps maintain body temperature.

To debunk a myth - all wool is not itchy or scratchy. While some wool can be irritating (specifically Mountain or Shetland Wool), the beauty of Karen's jacket is she used Merino wool, which is one of the finest wools available. Karen has taken the time to felt this jacket, prior to construction, which will only add to the value of the jacket...felted wool is prized for it's softness, as well as it's ability to absorb water - up to 30% of it's weight, making it a great garment for dreary spring days.To debunk a myth - *all* wool is not itchy or scratchy.

You can find this heirloom jacket, along with many of Karen's other creations here on 1000Markets at One Girl Circus .


Momma Moose

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