Friday, April 17, 2009

Custom Order Large Changing Pad

I've been working on a custom order for a lady in California...she wanted something which could be wiped down, and had a little padding to it. We worked together to create her perfect item.

The overall dimensions of the changing pad measure 24" by 30" inches. She chose orange antipill fleece with a layer of cotton batting. For the changing surface, I used Chocolate PUL. Then I topstitched it, giving the pad a nice finished edge. Matching orange snaps hold the changing pad together when it is folded. You can see how large it is by looking at my little Angel laying on it.

This changing pad will be multifunctional for her - it will make a great changing pad, but can also do double duty as a small nap blanket, reducing the number of items in the diaper bag, and making Momma's life a little easier!

If you would like a changing pad like this, feel free to contact me through blogger, or my store, or my Etsy shop, or my 1000Markets shop!

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