Thursday, August 13, 2009

Conversion of Prefolds into Training Pants (Prefold Trainers)

Has your little one FINALLY grown into the potty learning stages? Are you looking for a great way to use your prefolds - other than making them into cleaning rags? Why not have them converted into trainers?

Little Moose Diapers' Prefold Trainers are made using prefolds which measure at least 17x12 (Preshrunk). If you Don't have any Prefolds on hand, I have some prepped and waiting to be converted. Are yours embellished - they will work just fine! You can have some pretty embellished Prefold Trainers.

I use FOE to bind while creating a snug fit on your little one. With side closing snaps, these Trainers make changing the poop accidents super easy. No more struggling to carefully pull a regular trainer down your little one's legs in the hopes of not making a mess.

There are two ADORABLE models shown - an infant and a toddler. Photos were taken prior to the Trainers being washed, so you can be assured the fit will be better on your child, since the FOE shrinks slighty with the first washing.

Infant shown weighs 20 pounds, with the following measurements:

Waist - 16.25 inches
Thigh - 10.5 inches

Toddler weighs 32 pounds, with the following measurements:
Waist 20 inches
Thigh 12 inches

The Trainer itself has a rise that measures 17 inches. three rows of snaps make this Trainer fit throughout your little one's potty learning stages - no need to purchase additional sizes as they grow, saving you money in the end.