Friday, December 17, 2010

Closed until January 3

I will be closed until January 3, but you can view a pdf of current listings here:

You'll need to copy and paste the link:

All of these will become available again when the store is reopened.

Happy New year!
Little Moose Diapers

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Merry Christmas

So much has happened this year for me......God has blessed me greatly, and while some may not consider my number of sales to be huge, I do, and God has done just what I desired...for me to be busy, but not overwhelmed.

I have had the chance to work with many great ladies in the construction of Prefold Training Pants, and item I will continue to carry in 2011. In order to allow for adequate family time without feeling too obligated to sewing, I will be taking no more than 4 conversions a month (look for some prefold conversion listings in January). If you are interested in a Prefold Conversion, you'll need to convo me through etsy ahead of time, OR wait for a slot to open.

I participated in 2 crafts fairs, and while those were fun, I don't think they are my 'cup of tea'. There is a lot of time and money that goes into a craft fair, and for a cloth diaper sewer, the returns aren't there. I am looking for some more family and 'earthy' oriented fairs, or ideally a Baby related fair, and if I can find one, I will attend that.

New for 2011 will be PRINTS!!!! I will be offering trainers, covers, and diapers in fun prints: Here are just a few of the prints I'll be offering:

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Longies are on SALE

Until this Friday, December 10, ALL longies are on sale! Stock up now! Lots of nice warm cuddly wool pants for your little one...and if you don't see something you like, CONVO me...I have only about 20 pair I need to finish...I might just have the color and size you want, waiting to be completed!

Follow this link:

Little Moose Diapers

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I have seriously neglected the blog....but with good reason. On feb 17th, we were blessed with a new baby. Elijah Kell was born by repeat section. He weighed 9#, and needless to say, life is just beginning to be balanced again.

The shop is reopened to custom orders in May. If you are interested in some Prefold Trainers, I suggest you get a slot now, while they are still available. I have 6 dozen prefolds I am prepping right now, and my goal is to have them sewn into trainers by the month's end.

Coming for the month of June is a new item - Little Moose Ones...a one sized diaper designed to fit from approximetely 10 pounds through 30 pounds...WITHOUT the use of snaps...these one size diapers are perfect for the family with closely spaced children.

Happy Diapering!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Lots of Recycled Wool Longies are coming

STORE UPDATE - I have only 2 more pair of Newborn wool longies to sew, and then all the ones I had cut will be completed. Hopefully I can have them all added to the store by the weeks' end.

The longies range in size from newborn to 36months. Since I cut these in batches by color, here's a list of the colors/shades for these new wool longies:
Dark and Light Brown Stripes
Dark Green
Bluish Gray

So basically, they will comprise of lots of boyish, or neutral colors. I do have many, many more wool sweaters I have yet to cut (they are felted though). Those colors vary (lavender, dark purple, blue, pink, green). I'm hoping to have many more pair done by the months' end, as well as a few other items to list, including:
Prefold Trainers
Diaper Covers
Terry Cloth Trainers
Wool Wraps.

Since the baby is due February 22, I'll be taking the month of February and March off for recovery (I have csections) and for our 'Babymoon'. I will not be taking any custom orders during this time (although I do hope I have the energy to work on a few projects).

Happy New Year!
Little Moose Diapers