Thursday, October 1, 2009

Custom Orders List

I have had several custom orders recently. I will make an honest effort to update these projects once a week, say Thursday or Friday.

Works In Progress:

Snap In Inserts to fit Sugar Peas Covers
10 Waterproof Trainers
Pair of Replacement longies (the others didn't fit)
Set of 5 Covers and 2 AIOs - a trade!!!
An AIO and a Cover (for a blog review)

On hold until items are recieved:
Set of 10 Prefold Trainers Conversion
Set of 6 Gerber Trainers Conversion (adding snaps to make changes easier)

I do hope to list at least 10 more pair of longies before the end of the month, so if you would like a custom order, contact me now with you baby's measurements (Take a tape measure (or a string, then measure that). Measure child's waist at the belly button, leg length from between her legs to her ankles. And then, from her bellybutton down through her legs, and up to the mid back wherever the diaper stops. Measure her with a cloth diaper on.)