Saturday, March 14, 2009


I have received the Microfiber inserts I ordered, and I am SO impressed with them. I tested them by pouring water over them, to see how much they could soak up - one of these fellas can hold 1 and 1/2 cups of water! The only drawback with using Microfiber, is that there can be a 'squish factor'. When fully saturated and compressed, the Microfiber doesn't hold the liquids in. This is why it is important to also use a layer of cotton, bamboo, or hemp around the Microfiber.

I will be working on adding layers to these Microfiber inserts and listing them in the shop soon. I'm thinking I'll use someof that cute flannel I purchased a while back.

The Microfiber inserts will work great tucked inside trainers or pocket items (diapers, trainers, pullups).

A word of caution - it is rumored that microfiber is so absorpant it should not be used next to the baby's skin, as it can leave irritations. It is perfectly safe for use in pockets, or when layered within another fabric.


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