Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How to wash wool

Wool can be used with great success as a diaper cover over prefolds or fitteds.

How to wash your wool Diaper Wraps and Longies

Rinse the wool item in cold water to remove any urine or feces. It is not necessary to wash your wool cover or longies after every use. Although some momma's will wash their wool items every month or more, I recommend washing wool baby items at least every 2 weeks. If there is poop on the cover, you can spot clean it using an olive oil bar soap, or Ivory soap.

1. Fill a sink with warm water, and add a little wool wash (Eucalan No Rinse Woolwash is recommended) Use the amount recommended on the bottle.
2. Soak your covers in the wool wash water mixture for about 30 minutes. Do not agitate it in there. Just let it soak.
3. When time is up, gently squeeze out the excess water, supporting all aspects of the wool item in your hands (don’t let anything dangle).
4. Lay the covers on a flat bath towel and roll them up, pushing down a bit to help get the extra water out.
5. To dry, you may lay them on another dry towel, or line dry them. I have laid my covers over the side of a laundry basket without any distortion in the cover being noted. Be sure the items do not become distorted during drying.
*Washing wool in the washing machine is not reccommened as this can cause felting, which will shrink your diaper cover. Drying in an electric dryer will do the same thing.

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  1. Thanks, just found you googling 'ivory on wool'. Wasn't sure if it was okay to use Ivory for my covers, but I've got some serious lanolin spots I've not been able to get out. It seemed to help some, but they are still drying =)! I sew my own too and have an etsy shop, but have not managed to get any diapers up in it!