Thursday, March 12, 2009

The History behind Little Moose Diapers

I came to cloth diapers out of a desire to be more wise with the family's finances. I had wanted to cloth diaper for some time, but my sitter pretty much refused to wash a cloth diaper, and the thought of part time cloth diapering honestly never ocurred to me.

Then in 2006, our third child was born, and my husband and I took a leap of faith We trusted God solely and I quit working as a Travel Nurse (RN). We used my last 2 paychecks to pay our bills as far ahead as we could. Then, when our income tax refund came in, we put all that we could towards paying our bills for the next few months. At the time, my husband was a full time college student, on track to graduating in May of 2007. With her being born in December this left us living off his work study pay for about 5 months. God was good, and we had enough money to buy our groceries, and diapers and pull ups for the children. May came, and he graduated, and the Lord blessed him with a full time job.

It wasn't until late summer of 2007 when I began to look for ways of lowering our expenses. I looked at buying some brand name cloth diapers, but was astounded at the price of some of them. I started to look into sewing my own cloth diapers. My family and friends have been amazed at how well they work, and how different cloth diapers are now, as opposed to say 20 years ago.

I then began selling my cloth diaper items as a means of bringing in a little extra money while supplying other families with quality made cloth diapers at a lower cost. I began selling wool covers and longies on Ebay and Etsy. I opened a store, which is still open and stocked with a few diapers and bibs along with lots of longies. Recently, I opened a new store,

Little Moose Diapers is slowly being stocked with All In Ones, Pullups, Training pants, Absorbant Inserts, Diaper covers, Fitted Diapers, and more. I plan to offer Big Kid Overnight pants, for the big kid who wets the bed, or for the special needs children out there.

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