Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Prefolds Trainers are versatile

A few months back, I had neglected the diaper laundry, and needed a diaper for the baby. All that was left in the diaper drawer were his sister's prefold trainers. (You can't see pink diapers under pants, you know!). I put one of Sister S's trainers on Baby K, and it worked wonderfully. So, not only do Little Moose Prefold Trainers work as training pants, but, they also work as a diaper. Lay a booster in, and you've just increased your wetness protection.

But wait, it gets better:) (Don't I sound like an infomercial.) I've had several customers tell me that Little Moose Prefold Trainers work well as a swim diaper also. Now, for the money minded momma, that can only mean one thing - savings! Spending $12 on a training pant that doubles as a swim diaper, that's frugality at it's finest!

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